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Why Change to LP Gas

Environmental Cost

There are huge benefits for the environment from the conversion of your motor vehicle. Whether you are running a 4x4, Motor Home, American car, van, saloon car or even a quad bike the emissions produced from running your vehicle on LPG will be less harmful than running your vehicle on Petrol or Diesel.

LPG Autogas creates:

  • 25% less Nitrogen Oxides than Petrol and Diesel reducing low level ozone contributing towards asthma
  • 20% less Carbon Dioxide, contributing towards Global Warming

ComponentReduction Against PetrolReduction Against Diesel
Carbon Dioxide22-24%10%
Carbon Monoxide76% gas and diesel both low
Nitrogen Oxides83%80%
Leadeliminatednot applicable
Sulphur and ParticulatesVirtually eliminated

Fuel Cost

LP Gas is currently selling in filling stations at a rate from around half the price of petrol per litre.

The Government recently pledged its commitment to LPG in the chancellor''s 2006 budget. The chancellor announced a continuation in the existing differential arrangement in the fuel duty between LPG and Petrol.Diesel through to 2011. Therefore ensuring LPG prices remain around half of the cost of Petrol


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