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The equipment we use:

Romano RISN
The latest RISN system installed on a BMW V8

Romano are World leaders in LPG research and development and manufacture the acclaimed Romano sequential injection system

The Romano RISN type Multi Point Sequential Gas Injection System:

This 3rd generation system still has all of the benefits of the earlier Romano multi point systems. The new system allows gas to be injected in a truly sequential manner (in the same manner as the latest petrol motor vehicles).

User Servicable Injectors:

Unlike other alternative fuel systems the Romano injectors are truly individual. They are not a part of a 3 or 4 cylinder rail, therefore any faults with an injector may be quickly identified and replaced. The repairing of such faults is quicker than any other system as only 1 injector needs to be replace opposed to 3 or 4 in a rail system

Romano RISN: An Automated System

The Romano 'N' is a truly automated system. If the fuel choice switch is left in 'gas' mode when the car is stopped, it will automatically switch to the gas supply as soon as the correct engine temperature is achieved. Each conversion provides a seamless changover between gas and petrol at the flick of a switch. If the gas tank is running close to empty an alarm signal (low bleeping noise) will sound and the engine to automatically switch back to petrol until the next time to fill up with a gas conversions

The driver also has the ability to change the supply between petrol and gas at the flick of a switch

Stako Tanks
Doughnut Stako Tank in Spare Wheel Well

We only use Stako Tanks which are manufactured in Poland. For many years they have provided quality safe assured tanks for our gas conversions.

With every conversion we fit either a Doughnut Tank or a Cylinder Tank. The most popular decision is the Doughnut tank being fitted into the spare wheel well. We can also fit under-slung tanks on 4x4's and camper vans.

Tank Sizes:
The tank sizes vary according to the vehicle size. The most used tank on a saloon car is between 50-70 litres. However the tank sizes vary from 15 litres up to 200 litres.

Equipment List
Cylinder Tank
  • Romano Multi-Point Sequential Injection System
  • Stako Tanks
  • AEB Leonardo Electronic Feedback System
  • Open-Loop System
  • Closed-Loop System

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